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Camping Activities to Keep the Family Entertained

The whole family is packed and ready for a week of camping fun. But what are you actually going to do once you arrive at the campground? Be prepared come rain or shine with these fun camping activities in your back pocket.


  • Hiking: A long hike is the perfect opportunity to bond with friends or family while enjoying lush natural landscapes.
  • Swimming: When the sun is shining and the weather is hot, cool down by spending a few hours swimming in the lake.
  • Capture the FlagUltimate Frisbee, or Sand Volleyball: Any game that gets you moving will work, but these are popular choices for camping.


  • Fishing: Even if you don’t catch a single fish, going fishing is a great way to relish peace and quiet.
  • Floating: Tired of swimming? Grab a tube and enjoy the water without the work.
  • Lying on the beach: On the beach, you can read a book or just sit and relax. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

Rainy days

  • Card games: Cards offer variety, so when you get sick of playing one game, simply switch to another.
  • Reading: Use a rainy day as an opportunity to finally start that book you’ve been meaning to read.
  • Crafting: Do you like to draw or knit? Bring your supplies with you in case of bad weather.


  • Storytelling: While everyone is sitting around the campfire and roasting marshmallows, have people share a scary ghost story.
  • Catching fireflies: Are you fast enough to catch a firefly? Wait until the sun goes down and then find out!
  • Late-night swim: Night swimming offers a totally different experience from a daytime swim. Take the necessary precautions and always bring a buddy.

A camping trip should never be boring. Keep a few activities in mind for every occasion and make your camping trip a success!

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Family Leisure Time: Creating Happy Kids

by Analisa Macias (daughter of Richard and Eleanore Snogren)

As parents, we have goals and expectations of ourselves and our children. But what, really, are we expecting our children to gain from all of our parenting? What do we really want for our kids? What do they need to launch them into a successful and happy adulthood?

We want our kids to be good, smart, respectful, and happy. We want them to make us proud and to feel good about themselves. But in reality, these terms are elusive and subjective. How do you teach someone to be happy? Or good? Often teaching “respect” ends up instead teaching fear and intimidation. Smart is relative and unique to each individual.

Good and happy comes from within, it is implicit in our beings—not a personality trait. Respect for others is treating someone well and as an equal and can only come from a strong sense of self-respect. So as I ponder how to help my children develop a happy, good, smart, and respectful inner self, I often go to fearlessness.

More than anything, I want to help my kids be fearless. I don’t mean literally to feel no fear, but rather to feel unafraid of failure enough to try whatever they feel inclined to try. To give things a shot, to take initiative, to not be afraid of judgment or rejection, and to not fear not being good at something. We learn by being and by doing. And if my kids are not afraid to be and not afraid to do, then they will grow up pretty fulfilled. This will translate into a happy and respectful human being.