Richard Snogren Conducting a My Camp Kitchen Cooking Demonstration

Frying Pan with Eggs DoodleMy Camp Kitchen Videos

Watch videos of My Camp Kitchen products put to the test—including the Outdoorsman, Mini Chef, Summit, and ProCamper. Find inspiration for recipes from My Camp Kitchen cooking videos and learn the basics of how to get the most out of our outdoor kitchen products.

Review of the Summit

Susan and Richard discuss using the Summit while camping at their rustic cabin.

Soused Shrimp

Richard demonstrates cooking Soused Shrimp (aka Shrimp Scampi) outdoors. Yummy.

Grilled Lamb with Sweet Potatoes, Peaches, & Corn

Grilled lamb served with peaches, corn, and sweet potatoes. Watch My Camp Kitchen Founder Richard explain step by step how to make a perfect lamb chop.

Family Adventure & Summit Basics

My Camp Kitchen offers a variety of innovative outdoor kitchen products dedicated to simplifying and enhancing your outdoor cooking experience.