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Please note: The second, third, and fourth images above feature a custom design with extra-large extenders.

ProCamper Series

We created the ProCamper series for three compelling reasons:
  1. We wanted to offer something with pricing between the Summit and Outdoorsman.
  2. We strove for ease of set-up. The Outdoorsman requires the attachment of four legs using eight T-knobs—not really a big deal, but for some it was a bit cumbersome. I designed a stand similar to the Summit but more compact and with lots of storage space. I also added an easy attachment to the cabinet with our SlideLock T&G mechanism.
  3. Weight has been an issue for me personally, so after creating the ProCamper Baltic Birch, I developed the ProCamper Okoume with Joubert Okoume marine-grade plywood, which is 30-percent lighter than the Baltic birch and has equal or better strength. The ProCamper Okoume cabinet is more expensive than the Baltic birch version but significantly lighter.

ProCamper Baltic Birch & ProCamper Okoume

Key features

  • Made in Colorado, USA.
  • Three storage compartments with a removable divider for flexibility.
  • Slide-out shelf with magnetic knife rack.
  • Two drawers for spices, utensils, and tableware.
  • Made from CARB-certified Baltic birch plywood with a natural finish or Okoume marine-grade plywood with a natural finish (lighter than Baltic birch by 11 lbs.).
  • Comes with collapsible stand rather than removable legs.
  • Stand has large storage area.
  • Legs are adjustable for leveling and maintaining a counter height from 26″ to 36″.
  • Countertop extenders to make your working space even larger.
  • Waterproof cover also available.
  • Quality craftsmanship.



Both models have a cabinet identical in interior design to our popular Outdoorsman—including the same large shelf for storage along with a removable divider, spice drawer, utensil drawer, magnetic knife drawer, and drop-down counter.

Both models are available with counter extensions. These come as a pair, just as with the Outdoorsman.

The counter width with a pair of extensions is 52″.


The ProCamper Baltic Birch cabinet is made from 12mm Baltic birch plywood, with a total empty cabinet weight of 35 pounds.

The ProCamper Okoume cabinet is made from 12mm Joubert Okoume marine-grade plywood with a total empty cabinet weight of 25 pounds. It is 30 percent lighter than the ProCamper Baltic Birch.


The stands for both models are almost identical. Since the weight difference between a Baltic birch and Okoume stand is only a pound, adding the cost of Okoume wood does not make economical sense. Instead, we use Baltic birch plywood and stain it to match the color of the Okoume.

The stands collapse much like a “porta-crib.” The legs are adjustable from 26 to 36 inches. They have our SlideLock T&G mechanism for quick and easy slide-on attachment of the cabinet to the stand. Legs are locked into position once the proper height and level have been established by a simple twist of T-knobs.

Size & weight


  • Outside dimensions: 28-5/8″ wide, 14-3/8″ deep, 18-3/4″ tall
  • Inside dimensions: 27-5/8″ wide, 12-3/8″ deep, 16-3/4″ tall
  • Height above the top shelf: 6-1/8″
  • Weight: 35 lbs. for Baltic birch; 25 lbs. for Okoume


  • Working area: 28-5/8″ wide, 17″ deep
  • Working area with countertop extenders: 52″


  • Stand size collapsed: 26″ wide, 28″ deep, 4″ tall
  • Weight: 21 lbs.

Buying options

My Camp Kitchen ProCamper Baltic Birch

ProCamper Baltic Birch

Includes the cabinet, stand, counter extenders (not shown), cabinet cover, and stand carrying bag


Made to order. Expect delivery in four to six weeks.
Out of stock
My Camp Kitchen ProCamper Okoume

ProCamper Okoume

Includes the cabinet, stand, counter extenders, cabinet cover, stand carrying bag, and extender carrying bag (does not include cooking gear)


Made to order. Expect delivery in four to six weeks.
Out of stock