My Camp Kitchen

My Camp Kitchen Founder Richard Snogren with Outdoorsman

Exceptional products designed to enhance your camping & outdoor cooking experience

While developing our My Camp Kitchen line of products, I combined my engineer’s eye for precision and quality with my knowledge of what campers and outdoors folks need and want.

A brief history

Our products have evolved over years of experimentation, testing, and perfecting. I built my earliest camp kitchens in the late 1960s. Camping trips were the only vacation our family with five kids could afford at the time. Little did we realize how much camping would influence our entire family, nourishing our kids in the wonders of nature and deepening their appreciation for the universe. To this day (the youngest was born in 1967), our kids and grandkids are all avid campers and wholesome citizens. I truly believe there is a relationship between their childhood camping adventures and the compassionate, responsible, and caring adults they became.

My first kitchen comprised four boxes carried on top of a ’61 Ford Falcon. This design was put to the test during our two-week camping vacations in California’s High Sierras. Back then, after camp was set up, the first chore was to put up a clothesline and wash diapers. Since there was no market within 100 miles, we had to be self-contained.

The evolution of My Camp Kitchen

Campfire Doodle

My next major innovation occurred in the 1980s. I designed a large kitchen that would break down into multiple pieces. A lock-and-key mechanism joined these parts together. I carried it on top of our Jeep Cherokee. This kitchen was solid and large, having a counter that was 6 feet long, 24 inches deep, and 36 inches high with sturdy, adjustable legs. We used it for years. The disadvantage was you had to carry food and gear in separate totes and then load the kitchen once it was set up. Ideas were spinning in my head during every camping trip.

Neighboring campers would stop to admire my camp kitchen and want to know where to buy one or the plans. This led me to believe other campers might be interested, too.

Numerous versions later, I perfected a design and launched My Camp Kitchen. Our first product was the Summit. Since then, I have continued to improve and add new products.

Largely influenced by my early Scouting experience, our exceptionally popular Outdoorsman is available in kit form, making it both affordable and handy. We also provide it as a Patrol Box to Scout Troops discounted close to our cost. If you are part of a Scout Troop, please click here for details on pricing and how to order.

The Mini Chef is ideal for campers wanting more compact kitchens as well as for RVrs wanting to grill and cook outdoors. Other products are in development.

The result: products you will love

All our products feature high-quality materials and master craftsmanship. My Camp Kitchen products are designed to meet your needs. They are built to last, so, like the shared pleasures of outdoor adventures, you can pass them on from generation to generation.

Our commitment to quality

All of our kitchens are made in the USA. While many similar products have gone overseas for production, we have chosen to keep it domestic. This comes from both a desire to support our economy as well as our goal to provide you with a product that will last generations. All our camp kitchens are designed, fabricated, and assembled in Colorado by local craftsmen and me.

We do use imported plywood. We have chosen both Baltic birch (Russia) and Okoume (France) woods for their beauty and solid cores as well as their strength. Most of the hardware is imported simply because it is not manufactured in America. One exception is the leather handle on the Summit and Mini Chef. These—and the brackets used to affix them—are constructed by a small company (Brettuns Village) in Auburn, Maine. If we could find US manufacturers for screws, hinges, latches, and handles, we would use them. At present, they simply are not available.

—Richard Snogren