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Sweat Equity

Recently while enjoying a coffee at Starbucks with a friend, we were discussing My Camp Kitchen’s new release, the Outdoorsman.

When I told him we offered a kit the customer could put together and finish themselves, he replied, “That’s great, your customers can use a little ‘sweat equity’ to get high value while saving money.”

Although it usually refers to building up equity or value in a house by doing a lot of work yourself, or in other instances, acquiring ownership in a business by investing labor rather than cash, “sweat equity” fits our new Outdoorsman kit rather nicely.

If you’d like to build some sweat equity while saving money, check out the Outdoorsman kit today!

My Camp Kitchen—When Flimsy Aluminum Isn’t Good Enough

I was recently camping in Steamboat Springs with some friends. I brought a Summit with me, of course. Many neighbors came by and were looking at my kitchen, as they are wont to do.

One person in particular had a lot to say about our kitchen. He had an aluminum kitchen set up in his campsite and was really impressed by the stability of My Camp Kitchen’s Summit. Apparently, the aluminum kitchens are wobbly. You’ve gotta be really careful around them—no kids playing and beware in windstorms. He kept pushing the Summit from a variety of angles and could not get it to budge. He was seriously impressed. Fortunately, I had some brochures, so he is going to check us out online.

Creative Process Behind My Camp Kitchen

I am passionate about a number of things in life, two of which are camping and cooking.  In all my years as an engineer working long hours, it was the weekend camping trips and weeklong camping vacations with my family that re-energized me for the weeks to come.

Until recently, we were tent campers. I have always looked for ways to become more organized and to make it easier to get ready, easier to set up camp, and of course easier to come home and get ready for the next trip.

We started out with five kids in a 1961 Ford Falcon, and we had to be organized just to fit. That is how My Camp Kitchen got started.

There is no greater joy than to be able to share the things one is passionate about with others. Joining my engineers’ eye for detail with my love of nature and cooking has enabled me to share with the world a really simple and organized way to cook outdoors while keeping all the kitchen gear and supplies right where you want them whenever needed.

I hope you all enjoy our outdoor kitchen systems as much as we do!!

Happy camping!

Richard Snogren

Rave Reviews of My Camp Kitchen

Overland Journal gave My Camp Kitchen rave reviews! When comparing My Camp Kitchen chuck boxes to other field kitchens, Overland Journal ranked us first in our class (kitchens with container for cooking gear as well as surface upon which to cook) in its Spring 2011 issue. See below for excerpts from the review.

Overland Journal ranks Summit at the top for versatility, convenience, and features

From lightweight to luxurious, we look at the best kits for cooking outdoors.

Photograph by Chris Marzonie for the Overland Journal

Overland Journal, “Spring Field Test”

Excerpts from the review discussing the My Camp Kitchen™ Summit:

Overland Journal Review of the SummitThe My Camp Kitchen [Summit] is a new product. Constructed entirely of Baltic birch and red oak, the Summit Traveler is a fine example of good old-fashioned woodcraft using a simple, cleverly executed, elegant design. This is a camp kitchen your grandfather might have built in his workshop and passed down as a family heirloom. I met the maker, Richard Snogren, at the International Sportsmen’s Expo in Phoenix and got the impression that his product is a labor of love. After using it in the field, it’s obvious that it’s also the result of personal experience. He’s obviously spent some culinary time in the field and knows what he is doing.

The Summit scores impeccably on volumetric efficiency, thanks to the folding base and wood panel construction…. Put together with dovetail and dado joinery, the build quality is high. Years of use will only add character and a patina of adventure.

Once set up, the Summit is a joy to use. Swing open the cabin doors and you have three compartmented areas facing the chef, with a large counter in front. Additionally, there is a voluminous area below the counter and inside the base available for food boxes or any other large items you want accessible.

The Summit scores at the top

Overland Journal Review of the SummitThe Summit scores at the top for ease of use and ergonomics…. The working height and accessibility to cutlery, tools, specs, and paper towels couldn’t be better. This kitchen is immensely comfortable to use.

If you can afford the required cargo space for this kitchen and you’re serious about having a first-class work area to prepare fine meals, the Summit Traveler is a wonderful choice. The simple set-up and takedown, coupled with proper ergonomics and high-quality construction, score high points.

My Camp Kitchen Summit ranked first in these categories:

  • System Versatility
  • Convenience
  • Features

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Thanks for reading, and happy camping!

Note: the Summit was referred to in the original article as the Summit Traveler. Since printing, the name has been changed.

Thank you for your interest in My Camp Kitchen!