10 Camping Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

In the summer, there’s no better way to spend your time than to go camping. Still, little inconveniences can sometimes diminish the experience. Enjoy your trip even more this summer by following these 10 camping tips.

1. Protect your matches

Cardboard does little to prevent your matches from getting wet. Use a small plastic container instead.

2. Make your own lantern

When you need ambient lighting to fill your whole tent, attach a head lamp to an old milk jug. This simple trick will light up your space in an instant!

3. Use sage to keep the insects away

If you prefer a natural insect repellent, simply burn a bundle of sage to keep the bugs away.

4. Add flavor with spices

There’s no reason why you can’t eat delicious, gourmet meals while camping. Pack a variety of spices in your portable kitchen to keep meals from tasting bland.

5. Brew coffee like tea

Don’t have a coffee maker? No problem! Simply place ground coffee in a tea bag, close it with dental floss, and then let it soak in hot water.

6. Switch out your marinade for rosemary coals

When smoking meat or vegetables, place rosemary right on the coals to enhance the flavor.

7. Pack extra undergarments

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than wearing old or wet undergarments, so be sure to pack extra!

8. Make cooking easier with foil

Almost any meal you want to create can be made using a foil packet. Don’t forget to pack this useful item on your next trip.

9. Prevent sunburn with shade

Along with wearing protection like sunscreen and hats, take some time to relax in the shade now and then so you don’t wake up in pain the next morning.

10. Plan meals ahead of time

If you plan meals ahead of time, you can make sure you have all of the necessary ingredients for your trip and won’t be forced to eat hot dogs every day.

There’s no reason for camping to be difficult! These 10 tricks will help make your camping experience easier and more enjoyable overall.

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