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Practice These Low-Impact Camping Tips on Your Next Trip

Camping is a time to experience and enjoy the wonderful beauty of nature. It’s hard to appreciate its wonder, however, when human activity has altered an environment’s natural state. Do your part to protect the natural environment you camp in by following these low-impact camping tips.

1. Choose a durable campsite

Grounds fewer than 200 feet away from rivers or lakes tend to be soft and can’t withstand camping wear and tear as well as firm and dry dirt can. You should also avoid setting up camp in an area heavily populated with flora. Walking on plant life too much could eventually cause them to die.

2. Protect the water

Soap pollutes waterways and can cause harm to animals who drink from them. Set up your own washing station away from the waterway and use biodegradable soap as well as naturally based cleansing products.

3. Be cautious with fire

Most campers don’t realize how their fires impact the environment. If possible, use a stove for cooking. If fires are allowed where you’re camping, be sure to use the fire rings or pans to keep it contained.

4. Respect wildlife and plants

While you can enjoy the wildlife and plants surrounding you, be respectful and don’t touch. When hiking, leave any rocks or plants exactly as you found them and don’t follow animals or feed them.

5. Leave without a trace

Overall, your goal in camping is to leave the campsite exactly as you found it. Bring all of your trash with you when you leave. Bury human/animal waste and food scraps under the ground.

These low-impact camping trips will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors without completely altering its appearance.