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5 National Parks That Offer the Best Campgrounds in the US

Already planning your next big camping trip? Here are five of the top-rated, best campgrounds in the US to get you inspired.

1. Glacier National Park, Montana

If you’re a serious backpacker, you’ll love camping at Glacier National Park. The campground area is surrounded by the Flathead National Forest and is located by numerous rivers, lakes, and streams for hikers to enjoy. If you prefer camping in comfort, Glacier also offers sites for RVs.

2. Yosemite National Park, California

If you prefer camping in the comforts of your RV complete with cooking supplies and comfortable beds, then Yosemite National Park is a great camping option. Yosemite has 10 different campgrounds that allow RVs and trailers. Known for its beautiful waterfalls, lush forests, and striking cliffs, Yosemite National Park offers an unforgettable camping experience for its scenic views alone.

3. Big Bend National Park, Texas

Big Bend’s most popular campground, Chisos Basin Campground is surrounded by rocky cliffs that will fill you with awe. Although you’ll be camping in Texas, the basin is at a higher elevation and is often the coolest campground in the park. People who enjoy bird watching will love camping at this popular nesting site for migratory birds.

4. Channel Islands National Park, California

Do you like hiking? Snorkeling? How about bird watching? Channel Islands National Park offers extraordinary landscapes to explore and delightful camping experiences. East Anacapa Island is one of the more popular campsites as it is only 12 miles from the mainland and offers plenty to do, including kayaking, scuba diving, and swimming.

5. Olympic National Park, Washington

RV and tent campers alike can enjoy camping at Olympic National Park. If you’re looking for the best campsite within Olympic, Kalaloch campground offers scenic views, hiking trails, beautiful beaches, and tide pools filled with starfish and sea urchins.

Feeling inspired already? Wherever you choose, these national parks are sure to please the camper in you.

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How to Choose the Best Place to Camp on Your Next Big Trip

Trying to choose the best place to camp on your next big trip? While you can’t guarantee a perfect pick every time, you can choose a campground that is more suitable to your liking. Just consider these four questions during your search to help narrow down your options.

1. How much of the week do you want to spend driving?

Even if you’re taking a week off to go camping, a lengthy drive can make it feel like you’re only getting three or four days to camp. Consider how much time you want to be on the road versus camping. If you would rather spend most of the week cooking up meals by the campfire and swimming in the lake, choose a campsite nearby or just a day’s drive away.

2. Are you bringing kids?

Children can play a large part in determining which campground you choose. If you have younger kids who aren’t experienced campers, it’s best not to travel far away or to an area without showers or bathrooms. If, on the other hand, your kids are older and have been camping many times, you can broaden your options.

3. What kind of outdoor activities do you enjoy?

Activities like swimming, canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, and fishing are common camping activities, but some campsites have better lakes while others offer nicer hiking trails. Determine which activities you enjoy the most and then find the campsites considered best for each.

4. How authentic do you want your camping experience to be?

If the thought of camping somewhere without typical bathroom facilities freaks you out, there are plenty of well-developed campgrounds that offer showers and toilets as well as a great camping experience. If your camping style is more primitive, then try to locate a spot that’s at least 100 feet away from a water source.

No place is perfect, but these questions will help you get a better idea of what you’re looking for in a campsite so you can enjoy your trip even more!

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