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How to Camp Safely in Bear Country

Keeping food away from bears and acting calmly in an encounter with one are important strategies for staying safe while camping.

Here are five tips for camping safely in bear country:
  1. When you’re not eating, keep food safely stored in bear-resistant containers. This will prevent the smell from attracting animals. You should also pack containers to store your leftovers and garbage.
  2. Never bring food inside your tent. If you can, set up your tent about 100 yards from where you store and prepare food.
  3. Before sleeping, change your clothes to get rid any food odors.
  4. If you come across a bear while hiking, do not run away. Instead, distinguish yourself as human by putting your arms out and slowly moving them up and down while speaking in a calm voice. Slowly back away, but make sure you’re facing the bear.
  5. If the bear attacks you, lie face down and play dead, protecting your head and neck with your hands. You can also use bear spray, but be sure to read the directions before camping.

Visit the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center to learn more ways you can reduce the risk of a bear attack and keep out of harm’s way on your trip.